Florida Finishing...
Screen Printing - 1 to 4 Color
Manual & High Speed Automatic Capabilities

Florida Finishing...
Hydro-Graphics with Camo Pattern on Plastic Gun Holster and Mag Holster.

Florida Finishing...
Flight Simulator refurbishment. Interior and Exterior using approved Military Coatings.

Florida Finishing...
Production Painting and Screen Printing on Cold Rolled Steal (Communications Industry).

Florida Finishing ...
Aerospace Coatings
BMS 10-11 Epoxy Primer
MIL-DTL-5541E, Class 3 & High Temp. Digital Masking.

Florida Finishing ...
Clear Coat and Hydro-Graphics applied to CeraKote Ceramic Base Coating on Custom AR-15.

Florida Finishing ...
Testing: MILI-OHMS per Sq. Inch using a calibrated Fluke Multimeter with Hard-wired Probes.


Florida Finishing Lead Times and Expedite Fee's.

With the addition of our NAD-CAP accreditation...
Our policies, procedures, and processes have evolved yet again.
To ensure compliance with our Quality Manual, Florida Finishing routinely collects and analyzes data received from all areas of the business, including customer requests.

Florida Finishing recognizes the demand for shorter lead times, with-out sacrificing quality. Unfortunately, application conditions and coating parameters are not always conducive to defined lead times.  All Lead Times quoted are projections based on controllable parameters. Regardless, Florida Finishing is faced with the task of meeting customer requirements

Although, our policy on lead time has been 7-10 days...
Many of our customers have expressed the need for occasional rush and/or drop-in orders, and in most cases our customers are flexible when faced with a reasonable premium for an expedited service.

In consideration of our customer requests for expedited orders...
Florida Finishing has developed a schedule for expedite fee's (see below). We believe our expedite fee's are a reasonable premium to shorten lead times at our customer's request. This service will be available to our valued customers immediately.

If you are an existing Florida Finishing Customer... 
You will not experience any deviation in the average turn time for your products.  Expedite fee's will only be applied to orders at customers request.

As always...
Florida Finishing will make every effort to ensure prompt delivery of products that have “Standard Lead Time” requirements.

Expedite Fee's

Expedite Fee:  $150.00 Minimum, Subject to Quotation on a Case-by-Case Basis.

Please Note: All expedite fees must be specified on customer Purchase Order. Expedite fees are applied per Lot #, not by purchase order.

Lead Times

Standard Lead Times: All Orders, 7- 10 business Days

Expedite Lead Times: Per Customer Request, as little as 3-5 Business Days depending on coating and Specification / Process Lead Time.

More to Come

Under Construction


Lead-Time windows open/begin upon receipt of all of the following by Florida Finishing

1. Written customer purchase order.
2. Approved engineered drawings (or equivalent) containing all finishing requirements
3. Physical receipt of goods prepared for paint processing.