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Screen Printing - 1 to 4 Color Manual & High Speed Automatic Capabilities

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Hydro-Graphics with Camo Pattern on Plastic Gun Holster and Mag Holster.

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Flight Simulator refurbishment. Interior and Exterior using approved Military Coatings.

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Production Painting and Screen Printing on Cold Rolled Steal (Communications Industry).

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Aerospace Coatings
BMS 10-11 Epoxy Primer
MIL-DTL-5541E, Class 3 & High Temp. Digital Masking.

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Clear Coat and Hydro-Graphics applied to CeraKote Ceramic Base Coating on Custom AR-15.

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Testing: MILI-OHMS per Sq. Inch using a calibrated Fluke Multimeter with Hard-wired Probes.


Florida Finishing Hydro-Graphics ... The NEXT Level of Decoration.

You’ve heard it by many names: hydrographic printing, 3D printing, fluid imaging, immersion printing, or simply water transfer printing. Whatever the name, the processes are the same. Using the water transfer printing process, you can transfer high-definition 4-color graphic patterns to many complex three-dimensional shapes.

In most cases, you can transfer the film’s inks to steel, aluminum, plastic, wood, and many other substrates. Common patterns are wood grain, carbon fiber, and camouflage. For years, the automotive industry has embraced this technology and process to apply decorative trim throughout vehicle interiors. Early on, the sporting goods industry found that water transfer printing was ideal to apply camouflage patterns to gun stocks and bows.

Applications may include but by no means limited to: Point-of-Sales items, Communication devices, Medical & Business equipment, Laptop, PC & Accessories, Test Instruments, Aerospace Interiors, Network systems, Weapon systems, Audio control systems, Navigation systems, Consumer electronics, Gaming controllers & boxes, Taxidermy, Entertainment components, Automotive Interiors, etc.

Hydro on Flexible Substrate

Hydro with Vinyl Graphics

Hydro on Formed Styrene

1. Base Coat Selection

Our inventory of primers & topcoats are designed specifically for commercial and industrial finishing applications. Our line of In-stock products are ideal for applications that include metal fabrication, castings, cabinets, business machines, consumer electronics and medical equipment.

Choose your own "Look" by customizing the background color of your pattern. Although background colors are defined by the specific patter, sometimes modifying the Base Coat can create a unique Look that is all yours.


2. Film Pattern Selection

Film Pattern Selection is divided into categories... Camo, Carbon Fiber, Designer, Stone, Metal, and Wood. Click on the link below to view Film Patterns in-stock. To view larger images of the Film Patterns, click on the thumbnail.


3. Clear Coat Selection

Clear Coat applications may include communication, medical & business equipment yielding a Semi-Gloss value. While laptop computers, test instruments, automotive and avionics requirements are typically Full Gloss. Military, weapon systems and industrial control systems requirements are usually Dead Flat (no Gloss).


Sample Photo Gallery

Although our photo gallery is not inclusive of our Hydro-Graphic capabilities, or experience. There are several popular applications for you to review. The idea behind our photo gallery is to create an environment for your creativity to blossom. Please contact a Florida Finishing Representative to discuss your ideas in detail. We are very good at making your ideas a reality.


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A critical part of our success is our continued commitment to reinvest in upgrading and expanding our equipment and capabilities. During the past 12 months Florida Finishing has made improvements to our Equipment, Building / Facility, SOP's, and Quality System. Click below to view more Florida Finishing Services.


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Florida Finishing, LLC specializes in Wet Finishing Requirements including Painting, and EMI/RFI Shielding for a wide variety of manufacturers. We are equipped to provide high quality painted surfaces on plastic, steel, and aluminum substrates. Click below for our contact information.


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