Florida Finishing...
Screen Printing - 1 to 4 Color
Manual & High Speed Automatic Capabilities

Florida Finishing...
Hydro-Graphics with Camo Pattern on Plastic Gun Holster and Mag Holster.

Florida Finishing...
Flight Simulator refurbishment. Interior and Exterior using approved Military Coatings.

Florida Finishing...
Production Painting and Screen Printing on Cold Rolled Steal (Communications Industry).

Florida Finishing ...
Aerospace Coatings
BMS 10-11 Epoxy Primer
MIL-DTL-5541E, Class 3 & High Temp. Digital Masking.

Florida Finishing ...
Clear Coat and Hydro-Graphics applied to CeraKote Ceramic Base Coating on Custom AR-15.

Florida Finishing ...
Testing: MILI-OHMS per Sq. Inch using a calibrated Fluke Multimeter with Hard-wired Probes.


Florida Finishing is located approximately 40 minutes North of the Tampa Airport. 6108 Sherwin Dr. - Port Richey, FL 34668

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